Orlando Bloom Rescues Stray Dog from China, Documents Her Recovery on Instagram

Bloom documented everything he was doing to help the injured pup on Instagram Stories

Get ready for all those middle school swoons to start up again.

Heartthrob Legolas, or Orlando Bloom to those of us not from Middle Earth, has just rescued a dog from the streets of Shanghai, China.

Bloom, who is in the city filming Smart Chase: Fire & Earth, spotted the dog abandoned with a bloody wound on her back, reports Yahoo News. Unable to leave the injured pup alone to fend for herself, the actor went to work, giving the canine a brand new start.

Only public on Instagram for a little over a month, Bloom also used the rescue to prove he was social media savvy, posting each stage of the rescue onto his Instagram story.

The first stop was the vet, where Bloom helped the doctor shave the dog and keep her calm with his soothing British accent. Next, with the dirty fur gone, Bloom and his new best friend took a bath, making sure she got fresh and clean. And finally, the best step, a little rest and relaxation with the Hollywood hunk.

It’s unclear if the pup will be join Bloom’s furry best friend, 13-year-old Sidi the dog. Regardless, this is certainly the start of a better life for this sweet pooch.

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