WATCH: Orlando Bloom Enjoys a Dip at the Beach with Beloved Pooch Mighty

The Lord of the Rings actor didn't withhold a hug and kiss from his puppy while coming in from a swim

Orlando Bloom can’t get enough of the beach… or his cute dog!

The Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales shared an adorable video on his Instagram showing off his shirtless body while running toward Mighty from the beach.

“An evening dip which is something i’m profoundly grateful for #workoutwednesday #nodaysoff #thoughtomostitlookslikeadayoff,” he wrote in the caption.

Mighty is identical to his ex-girlfriend Katy Perry‘s pooch, Nugget — which caused some fans to think the two were sharing custody after their split in February.

Each doggie has found fame: Nugget has appeared with Perry in ads for Citi’s double cash card, while Mighty has hung out with Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire.

Last year, the actor rescued another dog in China, who he spotted abandoned with a bloody wound on her back, according to Yahoo News.

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The first stop was the vet, where Bloom helped the doctor shave the dog and keep her calm with his soothing British accent. Next, with the dirty fur gone, Bloom and his new best friend took a bath, making sure she got fresh and clean. And finally, the best step, a little rest and relaxation with the Hollywood hunk.

While it’s unclear if the pup joined Bloom’s family, he also has another dog named Sidi.

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