While humans suffer through school closings and power outages, the zoo animals are celebrating the Portland snow

By Kelli Bender
Updated January 12, 2017 04:34 PM

Home to eclectics, eccentrics and free spirits of all kinds, Portland, Oregon, in a rare event, was recently hit with something it didn’t expect: a snowstorm.

A sudden blizzardy blast descended on the Pacific Northwest city on Tuesday, dumping more than 1 ft. of snow in some parts, according to the Associated Press. The accumulation came as a surprise to citizens who are more accustomed to large amounts of rain and coffee. Caught unprepared, Portland is now experiencing traffic snarls, school closings and power outages, leaving many humans unhappy.

But amongst all this chaos, there is peace. The fresh blanket of snow has caused a jovial celebration at the Oregon Zoo, where animals are frolicking, rolling and generally freaking out in elation over the white stuff.

Check out a sample of how the animals are adjusting above.