Mark David, 66, died on Sunday when he returned to find the elk he shot on Saturday

| Credit: Oregon State Police

A weekend hunting trip turned deadly this weekend for a man in Western Oregon.

Mark David of Hillsboro, Oregon, died this weekend — a day after he shot an elk with an archery bow.

David, 66, was killed by the same large animal on Sunday, the Statesman Journal reported.

David had been bow hunting on private property on Saturday outside of Tillamook, which lies about 60 miles west of Hillsboro near the coast.

Though he successfully shot a 5x5 elk, he was unable to find the animal before dark, and decided to wait until the next day to collect it, the Statesman Journal reported.

David returned to the property on Sunday to find the elk, and he and the property's owner found the wounded animal around 9:15 a.m., Oregon State Police told the Statesman Journal. The elk charged at David and gored him in the neck with its antlers when he tried to kill it with his bow, the outlet reported.

Oregon State Police did not immediately respond to PEOPLE's request for comment.

"The landowner attempted to help David, but he sustained fatal injuries and died," the OSP said in a statement to the Statesman Journal.

Following an investigation, the elk was killed and its meat donated to the Tillamook County Jail, according to the outlet.