July 27, 2015 06:50 PM

Don’t knock people for being “baby crazy” – it’s just animal instinct.

An orangutan at Britain’s Colchester Zoo named Rajang got rather affectionate recently with a pregnant guest at the park, according to Mashable.

When the woman pressed her growing tummy against the glass of the ape’s enclosure, he immediately became interested. Rajang approached the mommy mound to get a closer look, and he was soon bestowing smooches on the woman’s stomach through the glass.

But Rajang is picky about his bellies. The woman’s partner, Jay Clarke, said he tried pressing his own stomach against the glass later, but the orangutan had no interested in kissing him.

Clarke’s kid is not even born yet, and it is already connecting with animals! We may have the next Dr. Dolittle on the way.

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