A weeks-old kitten is rescued after getting stuck in a drainpipe for four days.

By Kate Hogan
Updated December 04, 2008 03:00 PM

A one-pound kitten caused a ton of trouble over the Thanksgiving holiday when she found herself stuck in a Boston-area drainpipe. The weeks-old cat became trapped in a 3-inch-wide pipe in a local housing development, causing her to cry so loudly that neighbors called animal control for help. Animal Rescue League technician Curtis Hanson eventually rescued the kitten after she’d been stuck for an estimated four days, disassembling the pipes to free the animal.

“It was a smooth surface inside the pipe and perfectly vertical. She just wasn’t able to get herself out,” Hanson told the Boston Herald. After the cold, wet cat was freed, Hanson said, “She just grabbed on [to me] and started kneading and purring.” He nicknamed the 5- or 6-week old kitten “Storm,” and placed her in foster care until she’s ready to be adopted, when she hits about two pounds. “I think she was just a little scared,” Hanson said. “But they bounce back tremendously from traumatic experiences like this.”