Left abandoned by his mother, Doodlebug has befriended a teddy bear to keep him company

By Kelli Bender
Updated August 10, 2015 01:35 PM

WARNING: The story to go along with the above photo is known to make hearts crumble into sweet, sad piles of tears.

Timothy Beshara has unleashed a real heartbreaker on the web. The Tasmanian man recently shared a photo on Twitter that was sent to him by his mother, Gillian Abbot, who is a licensed wildlife carer.

The baby kangaroo shown above, clinging to his teddy bear, is Doodlebug. He is an orphaned joey from New South Wales, Australia, who loves hugs, reports The Huffington Post.

About a year ago, Doodlebug, who was errantly called a wallaby in the post, was found abandoned by his mother, too little to care for himself. The joey is now 15 months old and under the care of Abbot and WIRES, the rescue organization for which she works.

Doodlebug has adjusted well to his life among humans, but what he seems to miss most is the cozy embrace of his mother’s pouch. To make up for his missing family, the mini marsupial carries around a teddy bear.

Beshara says the baby spends his days hugging, wrestling and sleeping with the stuffed friend. The photo he shared on Twitter of Doodlebug giving his buddy a squeeze has spread across the web, racking up more than 3,000 retweets.

“I have loved seeing the comments of how the photo has cheered people up when they are having a bad day,” Beshara told The Huffington Post about his reaction to the joey’s popularity. “Nature can bring so much joy to people if only we pay attention to it.”

Beshara’s mother is currently helping Doodlebug undergo a “soft release,” where he is gradually weaned off human contact and returned to the wild. Hopefully, his teddy bear is invited too.