Rudy the 2-year-old English mastiff returns home with gunshot wounds after going missing on Friday from his Pennsylvania home

It’s a holiday jingle the Diem family will never forget.

Their pup, Rudy, went missing on Dec. 11 and, thankfully, on Monday they heard that magical sound of him coming back to them.

“Monday night, my wife [Rebekah] and kids were playing outside and they heard the jingle of his collar, looked over and here he comes,” Michael Diem of East Earl Township, Pennsylvania, told “He was walking very slowly, with his head down.”

It turns out the family’s pup had been shot, twice, once in the head and once in his chest, had somehow survived and found his way back home — a feat the family is calling a “Christmas miracle,” the website reports.

Michael, Rebekah, and their two children were very worried for the 2-year-old English mastiff, who never typically runs off, when the pup was nowhere to be found on Friday morning. What’s also worrisome now that he’s been found is that the person who did this is still out there.

“If he shot my dog, it is not going to stop them from shooting another one,” Michael told The Pennsylvania SPCA and the Pennsylvania Game Commission, are currently investigating the case, said.

The weapon used may have been a .22-caliber gun, which is illegal for shooting deer. Greg Graham, a wildlife conservation officer with the Pennsylvania Game Commission, will know more when he gets measurements of the wounds from the x-rays.

“I do not think it was a mistake he was shot,” Michael told “The fact he was shot twice takes the mistake part out of it for me … whoever did it should be responsible. Nobody should have their pet come home like that.”

Rudy knows what happened, but he isn’t talking. Thankfully, although he’s lost 10 lbs. following the ordeal, the “happy” and “chill” dog should fully recover.

“All I keep thinking is that a smaller dog probably would not have survived,” Rebekah Diem tells PEOPLE. “Rudy is pretty much back to his old self activity wise.”

The Diem children – Noah, 7, and Delilah, 3 – are just as excited as their parents that Rudy is back home safe.

“My son though may change his mind about one thing: he had said, while Rudy was gone, that he didn’t want presents for Christmas, he just wanted Rudy to return,” she says. “Not sure if I can still hold him to that.”