April 20, 2016 07:55 PM

Georgie is back where he belongs, thanks to a microchip.

The one-eyed cat who went missing from his home in East Wall, Ireland, four years ago was reunited with his owner last week after the DSPCA scanned him.

“Georgie was brought into the shelter earlier today as a stray by a lady who had been looking after him for the last year in Sallynoggin,” says a Facebook post shared by the Dublin SPCA. “As with every dog or cat that comes into the shelter we automatically scan for a microchip and to our delight, Georgie was chipped.”

When Georgie’s original owner was notified that her feline was found about 30 minutes away, a sweet reunion took shape. “It was an emotional day for both the lady who had cared for Georgie and for Georgie’s family who had desperately searched for their missing kitty,” the post said.

In their Facebook post, the DSPCA reiterated the importance of microchipping furry friends, “Yet again the powers of having your pet microchipped and another lovely reunion of a family pet,” it said.


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