Ohio Man Who Lost His Eye in an Accident Rescues One-Eyed Cat: 'We Have to Adopt Him'

"He doesn't know he only has one eye," Larry Scott said of his new feline friend.

Larry Scott with his kitten Killer
Photo: SWNS

It’s a match made in heaven for this one-eyed man — who has adopted a one-eyed cat.

Larry Scott, 62, lost his eye due to a car accident in 2015.

After his wife's cat of 20 years passed away in May 2020, the couple decided to adopt another one in early September.

"Really, we weren't looking for a one-eyed cat, my wife was just like 'look at this, we have to adopt him' and I was like 'okay'," said the man from Marion, Ohio.

The three-month-old kitten they chose had arrived at the shelter very sick and with an infection in his eye. Due to the bacterial infection, the cat had to have his eye surgically removed.

Despite their shared impaired vision, Larry and his cat still live full and active lives.

"He loves toys and plays with them non-stop," said Larry, who survived multiple brain hemorrhages and had to re-learn how to walk after his accident.

Larry and his wife haven’t agreed on an official name for their pet just yet.

Larry Scott with his kitten Killer

"She wants to call him Mr. Love, but I’m not going to call him that," Larry said. "I’ve been calling him Killer because he plays with every toy like he wants to kill it."

Though he hasn’t had "Killer" for very long, Larry says that their time together has been great.

"He’s been a lot of fun," he said. "This Friday will be two weeks and he’s already very comfortable here."

Larry also said that Killer is so active he doesn’t even think that the cat is aware of his disability.

"This cat will play all day long, at three, almost four months, he’ll play like there's no more time to do it," the owner said. "He doesn't know he only has one eye."

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