The actress says her fearless Paco braves the waves better than other dogs

He may not be her only boyfriend anymore – Jason Sudeikis now has that honor – but Paco the dog still gets to spend plenty of time with Olivia Wilde.

The actress has especially been keen to take advantage of summer’s relaxing energy with her beloved rescue pooch.

“I’ve been swimming in the ocean with my dog a lot, which can be pretty entertaining,” she tells PEOPLE of what she’s been up to lately. “Just some body surfing with my dog Paco.”

Paco, now 10 years old, has a fearless way about him in the water. “He’s not like most other dogs because he goes way out past the waves and he’s really ballsy when it comes to swimming,” Wilde says.

It’s no wonder: Paco has always been tough. The mixed-breed dog was found starving in the back of a U-Haul truck with his litter mates.

“I’m just really lucky to have found him, because he’s my absolute favorite, favorite dog in the world,” Wilde told PEOPLE last year.

She make sure he knows it, too. Earlier this week, Wilde went into the kitchen to whip up a meal for none other than Paco.

“O man. I just officially became that person who cooks dinner for her dog. Like in the oven,” Tweeted on Sunday. “What’s next, A Pinterest account?”

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