Olivia Munn Urges Pet Parents to Take Their Pets' Mental Health Seriously: It's 'So Important'

"We need to remember that mental health for our animals is just so important," says Olivia Munn, who has partnered with Petco to help animal lovers manage their pets' anxiety

Olivia Munn Dog
Photo: Courtesy Olivia Munn

For Olivia Munn, her two rescue dogs Chance, 7, and Frankie, 5, are more than just pets.

"My dogs are definitely like people to me," says the actress, 41. "They have so much personality, and I just love them so much."

Fittingly, Munn has partnered with Petco to raise awareness about pet mental health, particularly as our beloved animals navigate the challenges of the pandemic and their owners returning to the office.

"As we're all getting back to our regular lives and our routines are changing, we're going to be leaving the home again," she says. "And so there is a lot of social and separation anxiety happening with our dogs. And that feeling that comes over you when your dog is uneasy, it stays with you."

Munn, who is expecting her first baby with comedian John Mulaney this year, says she's noticed a difference in her dogs' behavior towards her.

Olivia Munn Dog
Courtesy Olivia Munn

"Frankie was marking around the house every day, which he's never done before," she says. "And when I would pick up a shoe, he would jump into my arms because he thought I was going somewhere. My dogs are very attached to me. And their mental health is so important."

Through their website, Petco is offering a new free virtual training seminar available through the end of September called "Well-Adjusted Dog: Preparing for Separation and Social Anxiety," where pet parents can learn to identify anxiety warning signs and learn relaxation techniques.

The information is handy for longtime pet parents and those who have brought a dog or a cat into their homes in the last year and a half.

Olivia Munn Dog
Courtesy Olivia Munn

"It was so great to see our whole country really step up and foster animals at risk during the pandemic," says Munn. "And we need to remember that mental health for our animals is just so important."

To read more about Munn and her pets, pick up the latest issue of PEOPLE on newsstands Friday.

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