I ❤️ My Pet: Olivia Munn on How Her Rescue Dogs 'Opened My Eyes'

Munn has started working with Wag! to ensure her two rescue dogs, Chance and Frankie, and all other pets have stress-free vacations

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I wasn’t looking for another responsibility. I was living in two different states, traveling almost every week and had a great system in place to juggle it all. Adding a dog to the mix would just be silly. But dogs have a way of choosing us, don’t they?

It was November 2014 and I was backstage at Cause for Paws — a charity that brings awareness to the nearly 3.3 million rescue dogs brought into shelters every year in the US — when I met the most lovable dog in the whole world. The moment I laid my eyes on Chance, it was all over.

He’s a gorgeous purebred Cavalier King Charles, with the sweetest disposition — he just wants to love and be loved all day long. After spending all of 10 minutes together, I made a call to make sure I had the full support to bring him home and then adopted him right there on the spot!

Soon, I realized I had even more puppy love to go around and decided that Chance needed a brother. I started following the Instagram account for Love Leo Rescue in Santa Monica, and after seeing only the back of Frankie’s head, my little Jack Russell terrier mix, I knew instantly he was supposed to be a part of our family.


These two pups could not be more different. Frankie is constantly burying bones, fake digging in the couch or rug, while Chance just wants to sleep, eat and meet new people. Chance loves loving so much I’ve decided to get him trained as a therapy dog so we can go into nursing homes and hospitals so Chance can give out love to those who need it most.

It’s funny how they have personalities and destinies just like humans. I truly believe Chance’s purpose in life is to give love. And Frankie’s purpose? Well, at this time, it looks like it’s to nip at Chance’s ears and bark at birds. Look, not everyone is destined to be the Pope Francis of dogs, but I love them both the same. They truly light up my life and all the people they meet in ways I never even imagined.

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This is one of the reasons that when I was looking to expand my horizons as an entrepreneur (Munn is one of the original investors of Uber), I chose to work with a company that works with dogs. Wag! provides on-demand dog walkers, sitters and boarders 24/7 to keep dogs across the country happy and healthy while their owners are at work or on vacation. This is great for me as sometimes my days on the set run very late and I know Frankie and Chance have excellent people to walk them and make sure they aren’t lonely. When I’m on location, they stay with a Wag! boarder who spoils them the way I do.


In fact, not only did I invest in Wag!, I joined their team by becoming the new Creative Strategist for the company.

Chance and Frankie opened my eyes to the importance of dog adoption and how many amazing dogs are waiting to find their forever home. I couldn’t be prouder to be the owner of two rescue dogs. Unfortunately, nearly 1.2 million healthy, adoptable dogs (about one every 13 seconds) are put down in U.S. shelters every year. Another reason I love Wag! is because they work with Rescue Bank of Greater Good so that every Wag! walk feeds a shelter dog.

No matter what type of dog you’re looking for — a purebred like Chance, ridiculously cute and small like Frankie or hypoallergenic— there is a rescue that has that specific dog waiting for its forever home. I hope anyone thinking of adding a dog to their family chooses to adopt. Because chances are they’ve already chosen you.

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