May 03, 2016 03:15 PM

Olivia Munn and her beau Aaron Rodgers have expanded their pack!

Less than a year and a half after the couple adopted a pup named Chance, they have adopted again, and given their pooch an adorable new name (and nickname!)

“Meet Frank Rodgers. Frankie for short. Mr. Frank for business meetings,” reads an Instagram caption for a photo of Frankie with his new mom. “SOOO much love to Sasha from @loveleorescue for rescuing this sweet pup. We are so excited to have a brother for Chance! #adoptdontshop @FrankieRodgers12.”


The new pup joined social media almost immediately, the actress set up an Instagram account just for Frankie (Chance has an Instagram account, too, with a hefty 25,000 followers).

“Welcome to the fam lil’ bro,” Chance’s newest Instagram said, with a pic of the pair hanging out.

A big supporter of animal causes, Munn would tell anyone considering adding a new dog to their family to consider adoption.

“To anyone looking to bring a dog into their world, please choose to rescue instead of buying,” she wrote on Instagram when Chance was adopted. “There are so many amazing dogs that need love and a home and are waiting for someone to rescue them.”

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