July 29, 2015 02:40 AM

For humans, turning 37 isn’t an especially significant milestone. For pandas, however? It’s reason to celebrate.

Jia Jia, a panda living at a Hong Kong theme park, turned 37 on Tuesday, and her birthday celebration included presents – an ice cake flavored with mint and grenadine, plus two Guinness World Records. She’s now recognized as the oldest giant panda ever to live in captivity and also the oldest giant panda currently in captivity.

According to The Guardian, Guinness researchers can only estimate her exact age, since Jia Jia was born in the wild. However, evidence prompted Guinness to give her the titles anyway.

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In human years, Jia Jia is roughly 100. Veterinarian Paolo Martelli told The Guardian that Jia Jia, who suffers from high blood pressure and cataracts, is still mobile. “She is sleeping more, so is doing everything less. But she is aging gracefully, just like your grandma,” Martelli said.

According to CNN, Jia Jia has outlived the average panda life expectancy by 25 years.

Meanwhile, in other panda birthday news, a trio of pandas in China also may have broken a record.

Meng Meng, Shuai Shuai and Ku Ku, triplet pandas born on July 29, 2014, are celebrating their first birthday. According to BBC News, they’re believed to be the longest-surviving panda triplets.

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