Mason has found his family in a group of kittens

By Kelli Bender
May 23, 2017 05:33 PM

This isn’t the story of a young, starry-eyed couple’s romance. This is a different kind of love story.

It starts with Mason, a formerly feral cat who was taken in by TinyKittens in British Columbia. While not tiny or a kitten, Mason ended up at  the rescue because they believed the grumpy senior deserved the chance to live out his golden years in the comfort of a loving home.

Mason took to domestic life well, except for socializing. After spending his life on the streets, Mason was not interested in being handled by anyone and preferred to keep to himself. Then, a group of foster kittens entered the picture, and started sharing the same home as Mason.

You would think the last thing the aging, anti-social feline would be interested in would be energetic kittens, but you would be wrong.

Mason instantly fell for the baby cats, coming out of his shell to play, snuggle and groom them. The group of felines is now a little family, where Mason is known as “Grandpa” and much of the day is spent napping in one, big purring pile.