As she spoke to CBS News, Barbara Garcia’s dog fought its way out of the rubble, and returned to its owner

May 21, 2013 03:00 PM

Amid all the rubble and wreckage caused by the Oklahoma tornado, Barbara Garcia stumbled upon a ray of hope.

“I was sitting on the stool, holding my dog – this was the game plan through the years, to go in that little bathroom,” she told CBS News reporter Anna Werner while surveying the damage done to her home. “The electric went off in the bathroom, and about the same time, I felt the stool come up out of the floor I never lost consciousness and I hollered for my little dog and he didn’t answer or didn’t come, so I know he’s in here somewhere.”

As she continued to survey the situation with Werner – “This is life in the big city,” Garcia said – a member of the interview crew caught sight of the dog struggling to force its way out from beneath the rubble.

“Bless your little bitty heart,” Garcia said, while a member of the crew helped it escape the debris, and reunite with its grateful owner.

“I thought God just answered one prayer, let me be okay,” Garcia said. “He answered both of them. Because this was my second prayer.”

Watch the video below:

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