Oh Fur Baby! Adorable Dog Parents Pose for Maternity Shoot

Chanel the dog showed off her bump with her mate LeeRoy by her side

Photo: Amy Rients

Chances are, if you’re over the age of 21, your Facebook feed is choked with baby photos. Photos of parents-to-be keeping you updated on the progress of their bump, moms and dads proudly posting about their child’s first this or that, grandparents spoiling the next generation. It’s a lot. And it’s easy to get lost in all the tots and toddlers.

But there was one recent baby post that managed to grab the internet’s fickle attention, even among all the other noise: A DOG MATERNITY SHOOT.

Amy Rients

This is not a drill! Two dogs, expecting a litter of puppies, posed for their owners in what might be the most precious pregnancy photos of all time.

Kennedy Sorensen, who is the owner of mom-to-be Chanel, got the nobel-prize-worthy idea once her golden retriever was nine days from giving birth. With little time left, Sorensen texted the dad dog’s owner to see if the father would be interested in participating.

Amy Rients

Lucky for us, LeeRoy and his owner Amy Rients were eager to take part.

Amy Rients

While the photos look adorable and effortless, Sorensen told PEOPLE it took three humans to get the dogs to stay put long enough for the pictures.

Sorenson posted the photos to Twitter after the shoot was finished, where they quickly set themselves apart from the other baby photos that fill the social networks.

Amy Rients

“It was fun and we are all amazed with how popular this has become,” Sorensen told PEOPLE in an email. “Amy and I are so happy that our dogs were able to make people smile and that everyone is enjoying the pictures just as much as we are.”

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The only thing that could make us happier is the inevitable puppy shots.

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