The actress joins Oceana in the fight to save the endangered creatures

Did you know that more than 1.4 billion fishing hooks and other pieces of materials catch hundreds of thousands of sea turtles each year? Sad but true – and the endangered species is facing more and more obstacles as our oceans and beaches become more littered each year.

Luckily, Oceana is working to “Get Sea Turtles Off the Hook,” with the help of two silly, sexy talents: Office star Angela Kinsey and The Hangover’s Rachael Harris.

The actresses went to an area outside Cancun, Mexico, earlier this year to swim with sea turtles, and visited with injured and sick creatures at the Xcaret Ecological Park. While in Mexico, they also filmed a spoofy-sexy PSA. Told to look like Bond girls, Kinsey jokes that the short “middle-aged” blondes didn’t quite look like “Halle Berry coming out of the water.” But nonetheless, they got their message across.

Their trip served an education purpose, too: Kinsey and Harris learned more about the creatures and their sad plight. “They’re beautiful,” Kinsey told George Lopez Tuesday during an appearance on Lopez Tonight. “They’ve been around for over 100 million years. But we’re not policing our oceans at all. We’re not keeping track of them.”

People who want to help can visit, and sign the petition to save the sea turtles. For $35 to $150, you can also adopt a sea turtle, helping Oceana in its campaigns to reduce sea turtle bycatch in fisheries, protect sea turtle habitats and develop legislation to protect sea turtles.