The miniature piglet follows the giant rabbit’s footsteps–and steals his carrots!

By Amy Jamieson
Updated June 05, 2009 07:00 PM

If The Odd Couple’s Felix and Oscar were farm animals, they’d most certainly be William the miniature pig and Charles the giant rabbit. The duo are unlikely pals who met at the Pennywell Farm in Devon, England.

The pair became buddies when William and his brothers and sisters were moved next to the pen of giant rabbits Charles and his bunkmate, Camilla. “William kept getting over into their pen and stealing their food and was always more mischievous than the other piglets,” Valerie Bickford-Beers of the Pennywell Farm tells PEOPLE Pets.

Now William frequently follows Charles around whenever he’s out of his pen and has a grand old time chomping on his carrots. If Charles could speak, we imagine he’d let out a big sigh. “I think that it is fair to say that William is much keener on the friendship than Charles, who just seems to tolerate it,” says Bickford-Beers.