This cephalopod knows how to think on its tentacles when threatened by a predator

By Kelli Bender
November 27, 2017 05:06 PM

Everyone loves an underdog story. Well, this is an underdog story set under the sea.

Blue Planet II recently revealed to many animal lovers just how ingenious octopi can be. Part of Sunday’s episode of the BBC show introduced viewers to a crafty octopus working to solve a serious shark problem.

A resident of South Africa’s underwater kelp forests, the cephalopod in the clip, which has since become a hit on Twitter, shares her space with pyjama sharks … Pyjama sharks that love to eat octopi.

Blue Planet II showed that the octopus star of its show had two tactics for fending off these predators. The first was choking out sharks with her powerful tentacles when they bit her.

The other, more retweeted defense was a preemptive move. Knowing a shark was close, the octopus would cover herself in shells in an attempt to blend in with the sea floor and hide.

This quick-thinking earned the eight-legged fighter plenty of praise online.

When the flight or flight impulse kicked in for this creature, she chose camouflage. Just another example of how these amazing underwater animals are more intelligent than they may appear at first glance.