He gets along with other pets and is an 'enthusiastic' barker

Kale Chips, an obese beagle who a few months ago weighed in at 85 pounds, is now at 62 pounds and about halfway through his weight loss journey.

And he’s ready for adoption!

Kale Chips began slimming down after he was transferred in January from his elderly owner’s care, first to Chicago Animal Care & Control and then to One Tail at a Time rescue.

Back then, the rescue organized a challenge encouraging people to also pledge a certain amount of exercise (biking, walking, running), as it worked to restore Kale Chips’s quality of life.

When he started the program, One Tail said he could “barely walk 10 feet.”

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“He’s still quite overweight, but the difference in his body shape and energy level is amazing,” One Tail Executive Director Heather Owen told NBC Chicago in a statement.

Kale Chips has an “enthusiastic” bark, Owen said. And he would ideally be adopted by a single-family home with no energetic children (though he does play well with other cats and dogs).

Owen told NBC Chicago that Kale Chips has been living with a foster family who has given him regular exercise and monitored his diet. She said he has about 25 more pounds to lose before he’s back in his ideal weight range.