The New York Police Department honored an Emergency Services K-9 on Monday before she lost her battle to cancer

By Robyn Merrett
November 07, 2018 09:03 PM
Credit: NYPD

The New York Police Department has had to say goodbye to one of their finest officers — a K-9 detective named Angel.

On Monday, nearly 20 members of the NYPD gathered outside of Staten Island’s Rosebank Animal Hospital to salute the bloodhound moments before she was scheduled to be euthanized, according to the New York Daily News. The police dog was 4 years old.

Angel, who was named in honor of Detective Rafael Ramos — an officer who was shot and killed while sitting in his police car in 2014 — was diagnosed with cancer in August, the outlet reported.

Despite initially responding well to chemotherapy, the pooch was given only a few months to live.

“She was a trooper, man. She was strong,” Angel’s human partner Officer Manuel Orellana told New York Daily News. “She’s gonna be missed. She was a good dog.”

| Credit: NYPD

In addition to working together, Orellana and Angel lived together in Farmington, Long Island. “Just me and her,” Orellana explained to the newspaper. “She was my woman.”

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Angel was a valuable asset to the NYPD team. In her career, she helped find missing autistic children and tracked down criminals.

“[Angel] found a big-time perpetrator over a two-mile track,” Orellana told New York Daily News.

| Credit: NYPD

Lt. Richard Sanossian also opened up about Angel telling the outlet she was “a very good dog” with an “unbelievable nose.”

“This dog is tracking on asphalt in an urban environment, which makes it even harder,” Lt. Richard Sanossian said.

Outside of work, Angel, like most dogs, loved to goof around.

“She’d always get herself into trouble,” Orellana told Daily News. “I have a garden in my backyard. I’ll go out there and she’ll have an eggplant in her mouth or a cucumber.”

Angel not only left behind her partner but her sister Liu Liu, a fellow K-9 Detective named after Detective Wenijan Liu, who was killed with Detective Ramos.

The precinct shared a series of photos from Angel’s final moments on both Twitter and Facebook.

“#NYPD ESU #K9 is sad to announce the passing of a 4-year-old Bloodhound Angel after a brief fight with cancer. Angel seen here with her sister Liu Liu are both named in honor of hero Detectives Ramos & Liu who were tragically shot and killed in December 2014. #RIP,” the NYPD tweeted.