Three cats were pulled from a residential fire in Queens, New York

By Kelli Bender
Updated November 23, 2015 04:11 PM

New York’s finest and bravest teamed up to help save the life of a cat caught in a fire.

On Sunday morning, the city’s fire and police department responded to a residential fire in Forest Park, Queens, reports the New York Daily News.

Three cats were pulled from the burning two-story house and taken to a nearby vet for immediate care. At least one of the felines, a black-and-white cat, was given CPR and oxygen by a police officer and two firefighters at the scene.


NYPD 104th Precinct

Commanding officer Capt. Mark Wachter of the NYPD’s 104th Precinct tweeted photos of the procedure, stating the pictured cat “was rescued from a residential fire on 88 St. @FDNY @NYPDnews.”

Capt. Wachter did not respond to questions about the feline’s current state, and the FDNY is unsure if the pet survived.


NYPD 104th Precinct

According to WABC, an employee at the Blue Pearl veterinary office where the animals were taken said that one of the cats died of complications from the blaze, but it was not the one shown in the photos.