The little girl is already up on her hooves and walking around

Credit: Newquay Zoo

This beautiful sweetheart is a nyala.

Nyalas are a kind of African antelope known for their distinct looks. Males have spiral horns, slate grey to dark brown coats and up to 14 stripes on their backs. Female nyalas have stunning chestnut coats with up to 18 stripes across their backs.

This new arrival is a girl. She was recently born at the U.K.’s Newquay Zoo to parents Arya and Arnold. The leggy tyke and her family are doing well. The zoo baby is already up on her hooves and walking around.


“We are thrilled that our successful breeding of this handsome antelope continues. Our newest addition is settling in well and has recently taken her first steps into the outside world now that she is steady on her feet,” John Meek, Newquay Zoo Curator of Animals, said in a statement.


These births are important to the conservation of this species, especially since nyalas are threatened by poachers and habitat loss in the wild.