Oscar the dog is doing well after diving off a rocky cliff near Dorset, England

By Amy Jamieson
August 03, 2010 06:00 PM

Oscar the blue roan cocker spaniel has always been a bit nutty, according to owner Rupert Brown, 41. But whatever possessed the 5-year-old pooch to run off a cliff last Thursday near Dorset, England, is beyond comprehension.

The unleashed dog was on a walk with Brown’s friend Laura Gardener and her puppy Dougie, when something set Oscar off and he ran over a rocky cliff some 120-ft. high. “My dog got a scent [of something],” Brown tells PEOPLEPets.com. “And off he went – he’s mad.”

Thankfully the pooch survived the seaside fall (which Brown says was not a straight drop, but more like a tumble at an 80-degree angle) remarkably unscathed. “He’s absolutely fine, he’s been given painkillers, he’s bruised and has a slight limp,” says Brown, who had the dog checked out by a vet. “He’s sort of walking slightly on an angle at the moment because he is in pain … he’s doing well.”

Brown, who runs an online pet products business called MuddyPaws.co.uk, is grateful that strangers stopped to help Oscar after his death-defying dive. “These canoeists checked he was okay, loaded him on and brought him back,” he says.

Now back home recuperating, Oscar is still as wacky as ever. “I have to say he’s been barking madly at things, so I think he might have brain damage, but it’s very difficult to know with a cocker spaniel that is nutty anyway,” jokes Brown. “No, I’m sure he’s fine.”

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