October 31, 2017 04:56 PM

They are the furriest of fashionistas, the sultans of sweet; they are the fabulous, famous pets of Instagram. Just as human influencers have become style touchstones for pet owners, these tail-wagging trendsetters are an inspiration to their fluffy brethren.

Since these pets go sans apparel most of the time, Halloween is an important holiday to take stock of each animal’s personal style, so you can get ideas for your own cat or dog.

While it might be too late to get these Halloween outfits for your pet in 2017, you now have 364 days to plan until next year. You’re welcome.

Manny the Frenchie as a Dino 

Waffles the Cat as Barb from Stranger Things

Ella Bean as a Small, Sweet Sushi

Nala the Cat as an Adorable Monster 

Norbert as an Itty-Bitty Monkey 

Lil Bub as a Fortune Teller

Tuna the Dog as His Favorite Toy 

Doug the Pug as a Classic Ghost 

Jiff the Pom as a Viking 

Toast and Her Siblings as the Ladies of The Wizard of Oz 

And Toast and Muppet as Taco Belle (Get it?) 

Harlow and Sage as Little Stinkers 

Tinkerbelle as a Unicorn Princess 

Marnie the Dog as a Witch 

Brussels Sprout as Oscar the Grouch 

Now that your cauldrons are bubbling with creative costume ideas for next year, start working on drafts. Perhaps, in 2018, your pet be will be on this Insta-famous list.

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