December 10, 2015 09:08 PM

Every cat owner knows the back of their pet’s head is the best-smelling part of it.

Now, Japan is letting you purchase that sweet, sweet smell and also giving you ability to make other things smell like that sweet, sweet smell, via a spray.

That smell, variously described by Japanese cat owners as “the smell of sunshine” to “baked bread,” was the subject of months of research by Yamamato Perfumery: Their company’s head apparently spent four months researching it by going to different cat cafes and just smelling the heck out of a bunch of cat heads.

His hard work has earned us all Fluffy Brow Scented Fabric Water, which retails for just under $10.

The spray is supposed to be for fabric, or whatever, but it could also be for anything. For literally anything in the world you want to smell like a cat’s head. Yourself, for instance. Others, for another.

Or you could use it as a kind of cat cologne for your own cat if its natural scent is less than pleasing to you. We’re not your supervisor.

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