Now Is the Summer of Baby Bears in Hammocks

Truly we are living in a golden age of bears in hammocks

In the dwindling days of Summer 2015, what is your greatest regret? Did you fail to hold your loved ones as close as you could? Did you not visit the beach enough? Maybe you didn’t watch enough videos of baby bears frolicking in hammocks.

We’re here to help. Bears in hammocks are having a moment right now: You could even say, maybe, that the song of the summer is in fact not an actual song or one that appeared over the summer, but actually a few videos of baby bears in hammocks that appeared after Labor Day.

Yes, one could say that.

Side Note: What is it about bears in New Jersey? First there was that bear just walking around like a human last year, all creepy-like, then there was that bear that stole hot sauce from that woman and then there were those bears in that family’s pool … Seriously, Jersey, get a handle on your bears.

Maybe call Bruce Springsteen?

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