July 21, 2015 07:00 PM

IKEA already has the hearts of cats who’ve fallen for their Duktig doll beds, now they’re fetching a few canine fans.

An IKEA in Cologne, Germany, has a dog parking garage of sorts, where customers can leave their leashed dogs while they go inside to shop.

The Daily Mail says the pooch parking spots are designed to prevent people from leaving their furry friends in hot cars in the sweltering temperatures – and it appears people and pets are loving the idea.

One Twitter user posted a pic of a pup lounging in the astro-turfed pet area and wrote, “IKEA in Germany has a parking lot for dogs to encourage ppl not to leave them in hot cars #brilliantidea.”

This isn’t the first time the Swedish home furnishings store has made the shopping experience more pet-friendly.

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Japan’s IKEA Funabashi and IKEA Shinmisato also allow small dogs and cats when they are in a carry bag.

In a statement given to PEOPLE on Wednesday, Ikea said the dedicated doggy areas are not new to their German stores.

“For those who don’t have the possibility to leave the dog at home we have dog stations in front of several stores. Here customers can fix the dog lead and we offer a bowl of fresh water for the dogs. We have been offering this service since many years.”

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