Five year-old mare must wear a complete body covering and eat beets instead of grass.

If you think your allergies are a nuisance, you’ll take pity on Pandora, a 5-year-old mare in Buckinghamshire, England, who is allergic to grass. To avoid irritation, she has to wear a polyester wrap on her legs, a blanket, hood and mask – and still needs 15 allergy pills a day.

“She does look silly, but it is the only thing that helps her,” owner Emily Pearce, 24, told Sky News. Pearce first discovered something was wrong when a big, itchy lump appeared on Pandora’s belly, only to be followed by boils all over her body. Unfortunately, steroids haven’t worked to treat the condition, a rarity in horses, who have evolved to eat grass over thousands of years. So with the green stuff banned from her diet, how does Pandora chow down? Sweetly: She gets a special mix of sugar beet chaff and soya oil instead.