Firefighters put on water suits and plunged into the chilly Sheyenne River in Horace, North Dakota, to save Lola the chocolate Lab.

A dog's chilly predicament came to a heart-warming conclusion on Wednesday.

According to KVRR, a woman was out on a walk near the Sheyenne River in Horace, North Dakota when she spotted a chocolate Lab stranded on a chunk of ice in the middle of the water.

Unsure how to help the dog off the ice and through the frigid river, the Good Samaritan called 9-1-1 for assistance. First responders from the Cass County Sheriff's Office and West Fargo Fire Department arrived on the scene and quickly assessed the situation.

"The dog was pretty much in the dead middle of the river. I’d say it was approximately 30 feet from the shoreline. 20 to 30 feet," Cass County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Craig Keller told the outlet.

To safely get the dog back on land, two firefighters donned water suits and went into the water to rescue the dog. One firefighter managed to climb onto the chunk of ice carrying the canine – later revealed to be a pooch named Lola – and carefully grab the pet. Once the rescuer had a firm grasp on Lola, they were pulled back to shore.

The rescue was caught on camera and posted to the Cass County Sheriff's Office - North Dakota Facebook page, where it has received hundreds of likes. According to the post, the dog ended up on the ice after she "defeated the security measures" at home and escaped.

Deputy Keller told KVRR the Lola is "happy" and back with her owner, who was "grateful" for the rescue, following her time floating down the Sheyenne.