Nono the French Bulldog Spent His Father's Day Raising His Sixth Litter of Kittens

The kittens are from the ASPCA's new kitten nursery in New York City

Sorry, it’s time to give up that ‘Dad of the Year’ mug you bought your father and give it to Nono the Frenchie instead.

This altruistic canine spends his free time raising tiny kittens so they can become perfect pussycats to their future pet parents.

The French bulldog got the cutest babysitting gig of all time thanks to his owner Megan Noes. She is the ASPCA’s Kitten Nursery Manager at the non-profit’s new facility in New York City.

Every day, Noes helps dozens of baby cats, including many neo-natal kittens too small to eat on their own or even open their eyes, get a strong start to life.

Courtesy ASPCA

With a job like this, especially in the feline breeding season, it’s hard not to bring your work home with you.

Courtesy ASPCA

For over 10 years, Noes has been fostering kittens at home, which helps make room in the shelter for more kittens and allows the foster kittens more valuable socialization and comfort. Nono recently joined his mom on her kitten betterment mission, beginning his kitty foster career in 2017.

Courtesy ASPCA

Since then, Nono has helped foster and raise 17 kittens and is currently looking after his sixth litter — four kittens named Frankie, Ilana, Imogen and Isabel. His duties as surrogate dad are to cuddle, groom and socialize the kittens. Exposure to a caring canine parent like Nono helps these baby cats get more accustomed to different sights, sounds, animals and people; all factors that will make them more attractive to potential adopters.

Courtesy ASPCA

And these kittens need adopters now more than ever. During feline breeding season, shelters, including the ASPCA, fill up with kittens in need of help and homes. Many of them are less than 8 weeks old — too young to survive in a shelter setting.

Courtesy ASPCA

This is why foster programs and kitten nurseries, facilities specifically designed to care for kittens too young to be adopted, are crucial.

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Courtesy ASPCA

You can become a cat daddy just like Nono thanks to the ASPCA’s Meow for Now campaign. Meow for Now connects cat lovers to local shelters who need fosters during kitten season. You get to care for felines at the height of their cuteness, the shelter gets to take in more needy animals: everyone wins.

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