August 30, 2010 11:45 AM

The cone of shame. So many of our pets have had to wear it, and each of them has hated every minute of it.

Well, there’s a new, slightly less awkward way to keep your pets from licking places they shouldn’t. It’s the BooBooLoon, an inflatable neck barrier that wraps around your pet’s neck and fastens with Velcro, preventing cats and dogs of all sizes from gnawing on themselves.

Made of thick plastic, the patent-pending device ($15.99- $32.99), which was developed by a dog owner whose boxer was recovering from skin cancer surgery, is lightweight and decidedly more comfortable to wear around the neck than a rigid Elizabethan cone (we’d know, we tried it on for size).

And what do pets think of it? While we know our furpals are never going to enjoy the experience of donning a cone, sporting a BooBooLoon definitely seemed less cumbersome than your traditional protective collar for our feline testers. The one design flaw? Because it’s made of balloon-like material, industrious pets can pop the device with their nails – one feline destroyed the BooBooLoon in an attack on another tester wearing the collar. So it’s best for one-pet households, older pets or critters who are not inclined to scratch their necks to get it off.

If you’re at your wits end trying to find a more comfortable way to keep your buddy from biting and hanging his head in shame, try the BooBooLoon on for size.

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