Nina Dobrev Adopts an Adorably Mischievous Puppy Named Maverick

The actress adopted the Border collie/Australian shepherd mix from a Los Angeles non-profit animal rescue

Photo: Mrs. Maverick/Instagram; Inset: David Livingston/Getty

Nina Dobrev has a new light in her life, a light that is covered in fur and also happens to be teething.

This week Dobrev, one of PEOPLE’s Most Beautiful, announced she adopted a new puppy named Maverick, and she is working on finding a home for the pup’s sibling Goose.

“Meet Maverick,” the actress, 28, posted with a photo of the pup sporting a bow in her hair and a big smile.

Maverick’s mom was also nice enough to set up an Instagram account for the little dog, where she can fill the world in on her life, in her own words.

“Hi. My name is Maverick Do(g)brev. I like long walks on the beach and candle lit dinners in doggie bowls. I have a brother named Goose and we’re both 9 weeks old. I keep hearing the giants around us say that we’re half Border Collie half Aussie Shepherd, but I guess we won’t know for sure until we get a DNA test,” Maverick wrote in her introductory post.

Before meeting Dobrev, both Maverick and Goose were staying at The Pet Care Foundation, a non-profit animal rescue in Los Angeles. Both of the pups made a wonderful first impression, but it seem Maverick’s nippy gusto ended up winning Dobrev over.

According to Maverick’s Instagram, Goose, the pup’s brother, is being fostered by one of Dobrev’s friends, who is working to get the dog adopted by someone in their circle, so Goose and Maverick can continue to have play dates for the rest of their lives.

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The arrival of Maverick follows closely behind some sad news for Dobrev. In March, the actress shared that her 18-year-old cat passed away. Dobrev said the feline, who traveled to the Grand Canyon with her, was “my longest relationship, my rock, my best friend.”

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