The starlet adopts a sweet neighborhood stray

By Kate Hogan
Updated August 16, 2010 04:05 PM

Memo to stray cats: If you’re looking for a new home, try Nicole Richie’s house! The reality starlet turned fashion designer announced via Twitter today that she recently rescued a homeless neighborhood kitty, and has been taking care of it for the past two months.

“One dark and lonely night, I heard a little puss puss cry from outside,” she writes on her blog. “At first, I thought it was [fiancé Joel Madden]. But to my surprise, there she was.” A sweet, striped cat was standing outside Richie’s L.A. home, totally alone. Since the kitty was groomed and “a little chubby,” Richie figured she had a happy family and left her alone.

But a week later, she was back.

“She was so skinny and I could tell she was starving,” Richie writes. “I couldn’t resist. I fed her, and she was happy as Benji Madden in a sorority house.” Deciding to take matters into her own hands, Richie ordered a place for the cute kitty to rest her her head – “an Italian villa, actually,” she writes – and assumed mommy duties.

Now the cat, renamed Tabitha Jones Madden, is living the life with the stars and their children Harlow and Sparrow, and even has family photos hanging in her little villa! “I think it’s safe to call her mine,” Richie writes.