Nicolas Cage's Idea of S-s-serious Fun? Watching Snakes

The Kick Ass star spends time looking at snakes and iguanas at a Bossier City pet shop

He’s played a treasure hunter, a drunk, and even a demon motorcyclist. But in his free time it appears that Snake Eyes star Nicolas Cage prefers the role of snake charmer.

Recently, a pet shop manager found the actor particularly interested in the reptiles section at Critter & Co. pet shop in Bossier City, La., where the actor has been staying while making his latest movie, Drive Angry.

“He spent a lot of time just looking at snakes and iguanas,” sources tell PEOPLE. “He just really likes to browse around pet stores while he’s making movies and he’s really interested in exotic pets.”

Cage’s love of all things slithery is well documented. In 2008, the National Treasure actor was forced to give his poisonous pet snakes to the zoo because his neighbors were terrified of them. Cage kept two cobras at his Hollywood home, but when his neighbors found out, they threatened to sue him unless he got rid of them. Nevertheless, Cage may be in the market for more snakes.

“He spent a really long time with them at Critter & Co.,” sources say.

Unfortunately, the store manager said, he left empty-handed.

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