Nicki Minaj Lands Spot on Koala Hall of Fame

The pop star – sporting green hair – cuddles up to a koala in Australia

Nicki Minaj and the Pope have shared more than just a date at the Grammys.

Both the entertainer and the leader of the Catholic Church (Pope John Paul) have spent time with the stars of the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in Queensland, Australia.

Minaj shared photos on Sunday from a recent adventure at the sanctuary. She didn’t just hang with koalas; the singer also posed fiercely beside an ostrich and watched as a friend fed a kangaroo.

The pop star’s koala cuddle has made her part of an elite club. “They asked if they could put my pic on the wall of fame,” she Tweeted. “Next to Taylor [Swift], Janet [Jackson], and…the Pope.”


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