The America’s Got Talent host says the couple’s quartet of pooches each have distinct personalities

By Jeffrey Slonim
Updated July 06, 2010 08:30 PM

Melting in the summer heat? Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s four dogs know exactly how to keep cool.

“They love to swim … every day. They’re swimming dogs,” Cannon told on July 4. “Every time you open the door, they just run and jump in the pool. And stay in there literally for hours … stay in there, swimming in the pool.”

The couple’s quartet of Jack Russell terriers – Jay Jay, Cha Cha, Dolomite and newest pup Jackie Lambchops – get along swimmingly, too.

“They all get along, they’re a family,” the America’s Got Talent host told PEOPLE after his two-hour set spinning at Eldridge East at Bamboo in East Hampton, N.Y.

Each of his pups has a role in that family – although Jackie Lambchops is so new (born last month) Cannon hasn’t yet figured out her personality.

“Jay Jay is very obedient. He’s the father, he acts like the father figure,” Cannon explains. “Dolomite, the son, he’s crazy. Cha Cha’s the diva. She’s just like Mariah.”