For some, pets aren't like children, they are children
Lyndsey's PhotoCo
| Credit: Lyndsey's PhotoCo

On the fringes of the pet world are proud owners who aren't afraid to admit that they treat their furry friends just like human children.

One way, and perhaps the cutest way, to do this is to stage a photo shoot for your pet that is typically reserved for humans. Thankfully, this genius idea is becoming more popular with each passing day. Lyndsey Wright is the most recent photographer to indulge owners in one of these adorable shoots.

According to Scary Mommy, Wright's friend, Leah, and her family recently had to say goodbye to their beloved dog Tiger. Leah invited the photographer over to take a few final shots of the full family together, which she treasures to this day.

Having helped the family close one chapter, Wright was invited back to document the start of another.

Credit: Lyndsey's PhotoCo

"A couple weeks later Leah and her husband Jarrod picked up their new pup, an Olde English Bulldog they named Lolo," Wright told Scary Mommy.

Credit: Lyndsey's PhotoCo

"Leah texted me a picture right after they picked her up and I immediately told her to get her ass over to my house so we could do some newborn photos," she added.

Credit: Lyndsey's PhotoCo

Wright, who is used to photographing newborn babies, treated the pup like any of her itty-bitty human clients, swaddling Lolo in soft colors and light.

"It was cracking me up because I found myself soothing her just like a human baby, rocking her, patting her gently, 'shushing' her quietly when she wiggled," Wright said.

Credit: Lyndsey's PhotoCo

Lolo handled all of the poses like a professional, even dozing off in a few shots for optimal cuteness. The results are precious photos that are, dare we say, cuter than the human baby photos everyone is always posting on Facebook.

Let's hope 2017 is the year of the pet baby photo shoot.