Photos of the newborn with a sweet smile spread across its face have already earned more than 2,000 shares on Facebook
Credit: Courtesy Riverbanks Zoo & Garden

The Riverbanks Zoo & Garden in Columbia, South Carolina, is making room for one more.

On Monday, the zoo welcomed a western lowland gorilla baby.

The little ape was born to mom Kazi and dad Cenzoo. The whole family is doing well, reports the zoo.

The Riverbanks Zoo shared several photos of the baby on Facebook; most of the images show the infant gorilla wearing a big smile, cuddled up to mom.

The shots are earning “aww”s across the Internet and have already been shared more than 2,000 times.

Credit: Courtesy Riverbanks Zoo & Garden

“This is an exciting time for Riverbanks, our members and guests, and the community,” said John Davis, Director of Animal Care and Welfare at Riverbanks Zoo and Garden, in a statement. “Kazi has been a great mother throughout her pregnancy, and we anticipate that she will continue to provide the best care for her infant.”

Credit: Courtesy Riverbanks Zoo & Garden

The Gorilla Base Camp at the zoo is currently closed to allow Kazi, the newborn and the rest of the group — which includes dad and two other females gorillas — time to bond together. Based on how introductions are going so far, it seems like the baby gorilla will be a great fit for the happy family.

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Credit: Courtesy Riverbanks Zoo & Garden

“The infant began nursing shortly after delivery and appears to be bonding well with mom,” Davis added. “The first 72 hours postpartum is the most critical. Animal care staff will continue to closely monitor Kazi and her infant and the entire family troop.”