September 21, 2012 09:05 PM

A frightfully large beast slithers through the Edge of Hell – which is, funnily enough, located in Kansas City, Mo. – but she’s getting her moment in the sun.

Medusa, an 8-year-old giant of a python, measures 25 feet and 2 inches in length, and has just been named the longest snake ever in captivity by the Guinness World Records, landing with a 350-lb. thud in the 2013 edition of the record books.

The snake lives in the Edge of Hell, a haunted house attraction located within a brick warehouse, and prefers to stay “coiled up in a nook,” according to a press release.

On top of being huge, she has a reputation for being “the sloppiest eater” when having her meals of rabbits, hogs and deer, and has actually bitten herself instead of her dinner.

“We try to keep Medusa well fed and slightly out of reach as there have been instances with reticulated pythons where they’ve had to cut people out of them!” handler Larry Edgar said in a statement. “We never underestimate that she does always have the upper hand.”

People might not even notice Medusa, despite her gargantuan size. When the haunted house has visitors, she goes into performance mode, staying very still as people pass by.

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