May 13, 2009 06:12 PM

Over the years, dirndls have become synonymous with the beer-serving girls of southern Germany and Austria. With their distinctive white ruffled blouses and fitted bodices, they’re easily recognizable. But on a horse? Well…not so much! Bavarian designer Hildegard Bergbauer recently began designing dirndls for four-legged creatures, including dogs and, yes, horses. According to her Web site, the idea came to her after she created hats and coats for her mastiff and pinscher. She realized having patrons see her pups run around in her designs was a great advertisement, so she made dirndls for them as well. As for the horse dirndls? Well, we’re not quite sure where that idea came from, but they sure are fun to look at! In the photo above, Cosima Scheiding poses with a horse dressed in a traditional Bavarian dirndl costume in the eastern Bavarian village of Kirchberg im Wald.

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