New Survey Shows Dog People Often Choose Their Pup Over Their Partner and Family

The survey found that 3000 dog owners have Googled 'Does my dog love me?'

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They are called dog people for a reason!

A new survey from Rover, an online network of dog sitters and walkers, shows that pooch owners will often choose their pup over people, even those closest to them.

Rover polled thousands of pet parents around the country and found that 94% see their dog as a member of the family. Because of this belief, 75% of dog moms and dads also said they would include their pooch in vacations, marriage proposals, holiday cards and other major life events, which might explain this next finding.

Notice more dog photos on your Facebook feed recently? That’s normal. Turns out 65% of those polled admitted to taking more photos of their pet than of their friends or significant other. Twenty-nine percent take these snap happy tendencies even further, posting more pictures of their dog on social media than friends, family or even themselves.

These strong feelings can have consequences, such as self doubt. Three thousand of the pet parents polled admitted to Googling “Does my dog love me?” (Yes, of course they do!) Pooches can also affect the relationships their owners have with others. For example, 54% of dog people surveyed would consider ending their relationship if they thought their pup didn’t like the partner they picked.

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Even when the significant other stays in the picture, it doesn’t mean they come first. Forty-seven percent of those with a significant other said they found it harder to leave their pet for a week than their human partner. Overall, 56% said they make sure to say hello to their canine first, before family, partners and roommates, when they come home.

Basically, if you know someone with a dog, chances are they like that pup better than you. And that’s okay. Because dogs make their owners better people: They boost self-esteem and happiness, lower stress levels and often help keep their owners physically active.

Basically this is evidence that dogs are the best, and their owners treat them as such.

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