Austrian TV show stars four piglets competing for the title of Super Pig

You can expect the competitors on Austria’s latest reality show to behave like animals. That’s because Pig Brother tracks the lives of four piglets – Lilly, Piggy, Pauli and Freddi – on a family farm in Helfenberg leading up to the town’s third annual Speck (German for bacon) Spectacle. While the contestants on TV’s Big Brother lie and scheme to become “Head of Household,” these porkers have a very different goal: to be named “Super Pig.”

Don’t worry – that doesn’t mean they’ll end up on a menu. “The pigs are not designated to be eaten,” spokesman Hannes Gallistl told PEOPLE Pets. “They will have a lucky life on the farm.” The details of the competition remain shrouded in mystery–and not just because the show’s Web site is in German. What we do know is this: For six weeks, the four will compete in a “pigs Olympics” – Schweine-Olympiade. “We won’t betray details of the sports,” Gallistl said in an email, revealing only that “[British soccer star] Wayne Rooney plays the first challenge on himself. ;-)”

Unlike other reality game show players, there are no camera hogs here. Each pig gets a chance to reveal a striking personality. “Lilly is very affect[ionate] and well-liked. Piggy is a very beauty girl and shows this everywhere she can,” Gallistl says. “Pauli is more lazy and he is a philosopher. Fredi is very cheeky, but even a loving boy.” May the best pig win!