New PETA Spokesperson Justin Bieber Urges: Adopt, Don't Buy

The singing sensation speaks out about rescuing shelter animals

He may be busy grabbing snacks with Selena Gomez and perfecting his swooshy hairstyle, but Justin Bieber still has time to promote a cause close to his heart: animal rescue.

“It’s really important that people adopt,” Bieber tells peta2 – PETA’s youth animal rights organization – as part of the group’s Adopt, Don’t Buy campaign. “I really encourage going out to an animal shelter or a place where you can get a dog that has been abandoned or doesn’t have a home.”

The 16-year-old singer rescued his own dog, a Papillion named Sam, from a shelter last year. “We moved to a city where we didn’t really know anybody, so I kinda wanted a friend around. And Sam was kinda like that friend,” he says.

In a video for peta2 – which costars another Papillion, Bijoux – Bieber talks about growing up in a animal-centric household. “My dad and I used to go and hang out [at shelters] … just go and visit the different animals and stuff,” he says. “A lot of animals are getting abused in different homes, and in different situations. I think it’s really important that we just stay aware about these situations.”

Bieber encourages other pet lovers to visit and sign a pledge to support and practice animal birth control. After all, if his world includes compassion for animals, ours should, too.

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