This new gadget can let you know if your dog is sick, sad or has fleas

Think of it as a high-tech mood ring.

The new Jagger & Lewis smart collar claims it can help dog owners detect changes in their pet’s mood.

Like a Fitbit, this new invention detects how many steps your dog takes in a day, but the technology goes beyond counting paw movement.

Jagger & Lewis says that, using an accelerometer and gyroscope, the collar can help measure how much your dog is eating, sleeping, drinking and barking, data that the gadget then analyzes to let you know if your pooch might be anxious, ill or bothered by fleas.

This info is relayed to owners through the company’s app which is connected to the collar through WiFi and Bluetooth, which means animal lovers can check in on their pup’s well-being from anywhere.

The collar and partnered app also comes equipped with away mode, which can send you live alerts about your dog’s behavior while you are out of the house, and guest mode, which allows owners to see if their canine behaves differently when they are under the care of someone else.

For when you and your dog are together, there is a challenge mode, which suggests games and tips to strength your bond with your dog and keep you both healthy.

This high-tech mood detector will be available for $200 on Kickstarter starting Jan. 24.