New Owner of Lena Dunham's Dog Says Lamby Is 'Living a Great Life'

Dani Shay, the dog trainer who is Lamby's new owner, is shocked by the backlash Lena Dunham has received over rehoming her pet

Photo: Lena Dunham/Instagram

As drama swirls around Lena Dunham’s decision to rehome her adopted dog Lamby after four years together, the rescue dog’s current owner is speaking out about an important issue: Lamby’s current well-being.

Dani Shay, a trainer at The Zen Dog and Lamby’s new owner, spoke to The Daily Dot about how Dunham’s former dog is doing.

“Lamby is living a great life and has shown tremendous progress,” Shay told the site. “He still needs gentle reminders but has become increasingly receptive to direction. He is happy and well, which is what’s really important.”

Shay first met Lamby when he was visiting The Zen Dog, a Los Angeles-based dog boarding and training facility, for training sessions to help manage some of his behavioral issues. When Lamby’s trainer Matt Beisner, who spoke to PEOPLE about Lamby’s struggles, and Dunham started the conversation about rehoming Lamby, Shay, who felt bonded to Lamby after several training walks together, mentioned her interest in Dunham’s pet.

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Through her work with animals, Shay understood the decision Dunham faced was a difficult one, so the pair took things slowly before the adoption was made official.

“Since Lamby came with evident behavioral challenges, we approached things slowly and carefully,” Shay told the Daily Dot. “Dunham checked in every step of the way, and we kept her fully informed. Matt and my co-workers were very supportive throughout the process.”

After working together with Lamby, where Shay says Dunham did everything right, the dog trainer officially adopted the pup.

“We did so in a way that would ensure all his particular needs would be met,” Shay said about the adoption process. “As Lena mentioned, she contributes to his life financially (providing excellent food, healthcare, etc.), and I provide my time, energy, training, and daily care. Together, we are able to give Lamby all the love and support he needs, and I would not be able to do it without her!”

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Knowing how much Dunham worked with her to ensure Lamby’s happiness and safety, The Zen Dog trainer is shocked by the backlash the actress has received over her choice to rehome Lamby.

“It genuinely hurts my feelings to see what people are saying about Lena, not knowing all that she has done and continues to do for Lamby,” she said. “She loves him so much and is still in touch, wanting to be sure he’s doing well.”

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