New Nightmare Fuel: Escaped Tarantula Grounds Plane

The baboon tarantula got out into the cargo hold of the plane, but never made it to the cabin

Enough is enough! I’ve had it with these monkey-fighting spiders on my Monday to Friday plane!

That’s what the passengers on a Delta Air Lines flight also carrying an escaped tarantula were probably thinking on Wednesday night.

According to The Baltimore Sun, baggage handlers loading up Flight 1525 at Maryland’s BWI airport noticed a baboon tarantula loose in the cargo hold. After hearing the creepy-crawly news, the captain of the Atlanta-bound flight grounded the plane so it could be thoroughly searched for more arachnid escapees.

No more tarantulas were found scuttling about the aircraft, but passengers were still moved to another flight as a safety precaution.

Delta Air Lines spokesperson Brian Kruse told the paper that the free-wheeling tarantula never made it to the plane’s cabin.

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