New Member Alert: Meet Celebrity Dog Trainer Bash Dibra!

Dog trainer to the stars says training your pooch should be fun for you and your animal.

We want you to get to know a new member of the PEOPLE Pets community. His name is Bash Dibra and he is a dog trainer to stars! He has given dog-training tips to big names like Sarah Jessica Parker and Alec Baldwin, among others, and trained canines for the big screen – but his work with dogs reaches far beyond the celebrity realm.

He’s become a one-man Delta Society, the group that promotes the health benefits of living with pets and working with therapy and service animals. Dibra also helped the American Kennel Club start its Canine Good Citizenship program, one of the most universal training certificates, and insisted that all dogs, not just purebreds, be able to get certified. He also takes his canine performers to hospitals and nursing homes as therapy animals.

Dibra has seminars and has written six books including, Cat Speak, Dog Speak and StarPet. And he always has some new project to get people and animals together, whether its Paws Across America or his current venture, StarPet, in which he shows ordinary people how to train their animals to be stars–either within their homes or on a bigger stage.

Bash’s philosophy is simple: training and performing should be fun for both the people and the animals. He rewards his animals with lavish praise, liverwurst and fun.

“My passion is to really help people enjoy the benefits of pet ownership,” he says. “First you train your dog, then once everything comes to a happy level, you can spoil your dog.”

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Bash will be giving us his opinion on animal issues from time to time. Is there anything you’d like to get his take on? Leave a comment below.

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